Should I Learn Makeup For Men?

The Man, The Myth, The Makeup:

Some have expressed that the only way a man will embrace makeup is that it will have to be packaged and marketed to him; and even then, it will be a long time coming. Though there are makeup products designed specifically for men, most of the products you will use will be the same products you use for women. The application, though, will be different. Also the way you approach and handle the client might be somewhat different as well.

Man, Makeup and the Digital Age

Many guys are unnerved by the idea of wearing makeup. I’ve found, however, that men enjoy being pampered as much as women do. And though makeup is not something most men even consider, it is often a necessity in this digital age.

More and more men are on social media. Because commercials are more affordable these days, many are being featured in their own. How about corporate videos; makeup is essential here. And of course, there’s the wedding day. This, more than any other day, a man needs to be camera ready and the best way to do this is with a bit of makeup.

The Male Client

So if you’ve decided to take a course in makeup, many will cover makeup for men but If you are simply looking  for a few tips on how to approach a male client, read below:

  • 1. Clean and Prep Face

You must begin with a  clean canvas. You will want to clean and neutralize it.

  • 2. Moisturize Face

If you want the face to appear to glow naturally, you will want to moisturize the skin. For the foundation to look natural, hydrate first. This will make for an even application as well. Be sure to ask the client about the type of skin they have. You will want to hydrate accordingly.

  • 3. Apply concealer
  • 4. Apply Foundation

Be sure to take care to match skin type. You do not want the client too matte especially as you will not be adding the additional makeup you would for a woman. This means that it becomes more evident if it is not done correctly.

  • 5. Contour/bronzer

This might be a little tricky to convince some clients that they need but it will help to create a natural look. especially after the application of foundation. Use with a light hand.and blend well.

  • 5. Use Brow and Facial Hair Filler
  • 6. Apply Finishing Powder

Note: If your client is being photographed, be sure that all makeup is SPF free to prevent Ghost Flashback that occurs with flash photography.

Master Prime
Shine Removal
Facial Concealer
Mineral Foundation
Setting Powder


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