Makeup Kit 101: Where to Start

Building the Makeup Kit:

The makeup kit is the tool of one’s beauty vocation. It will be used to create each new work of art. What it contains is not unlike the paint and brushes of a master painter.

The contents must be carefully selected. With so many things to be considered, where does one begin?

Every day, there’s a new “must have” product, and because we are fascinated by this wonderful world of makeup, we feel the need to rush out and acquire it.

We must resist.  While it’s great to keep up with makeup trends, we don’t want to get caught up in them. Let’s build slowly.

Keep it Minimal


There are three primary colors; Some say they are Red, Yellow and Blue. Others argue that the truer primaries are Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow (We’ll go in depth in a future article).

The point is that with either of these combinations plus white, most all other colors can be created.  Makeup differs only in their chemical components. They are still made up of pigments.

Though using a primary set of colors such as this is a great way to learn color mixing, we’re not suggesting that a MUA show up to a client and pull only this palette from their kit.

What we are saying is to keep a narrow focus; get a really good base kit and master that first. From this point, we can expand.


There is a seemingly endless supply of makeup brushes and brush types. At what point do we have enough to professionally apply makeup?  With just a handful of brushes, a pro MUA could get the job done. Some only use a few.

With brushes, it’s perhaps best to begin with a starter kit and learn what each of the brushes is for. It’s only this way that we discover the ways we best like to work and the tools we prefer to use. As we grow, we can invest in higher-end versions of the brushes that we actually use.

Benefits of Simplicity

Colors: If we begin with a limited color palette, we will not only learn to mix but will become adept at it. This also helps to develop a better eye for color matching. This is an invaluable skill set to have.

Kit in General: By narrowing our focus, we will more quickly master the kit we have. From this, true confidence springs. Having a kit too large to manage can have the adverse effect.  It’s better to build in a gradual manner. This way we are proficient and efficient and this will come across in the way we work.

The Necessities:

Though it’s best to keep it simple, there are still quite a few things that a beginner kit should have. As far as makeup, check out the Camera Ready Cosmetics makeup kits. They are probably the most thoughtful pre-curated kits to be found.

What are the things that the new Makeup Artist must have?

This is a look at a more advanced kit. Though you can begin with far less, it’s always nice to have a direction. Even if you don’t wish to have a kit as large, it will help to map out something that works for you.

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