Do you have to be Certified to do Celebrity Makeup?

Makeup Certification: Is it Necessary to Get Celebrity Clients?

Pat McGrath - Celebrity Makeup ArtistOne of the lures of a Makeup Education is the promise of certification. Many are aware that this isn’t necessary to apply makeup on personal clients.

But what about working in the industry or with celebrity clients?

The truth of the matter is simply put: No! It’s not necessary.

Many will tell you to check with your State Board, and there’s no harm in this. However, State Boards only have governance over Spas and Salons.

What’s the fuss over Makeup Certification?

Some people simply want a “piece of paper”; they want a marker to show the journey they’ve been on.

Others want to be able to present this to prospective clients as a way to say they are qualified to do the job.

Others want to let family and friends know that they are serious about their new profession. And then there are those that want the confidence the certificate provides.

The Truth about Certification

Sir John, Beyonce's Makeup ArtistCertification is not without perks. Some makeup companies give makeup discounts to certificate holding makeup artists. Most don’t, at the time, but this is quickly changing.

Some have time stipulations (e.g. the course might have to be over 40 hours). Surprisingly, Mac acknowledges the certificate and for some, this alone is worth it.

As for clients (celebrity or other), it’s not likely that they will ask to see a certificate. Instead, they’ll want to see a body of work and will be won over by an amazing portfolio and personality; not a piece of paper.

Certification Summation

There’s no logistic reason to have this document but as humans, we all love accolade and accomplishment.  So for the new makeup artist that’s embarking on a new course, certification is a welcome thing to have.

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