Can a Person Learn Quality Makeup Online?

Makeup Learned Remotely:

There are many things that online learning is suited for. In fact, it may even be beneficial for some vocations.  But what about the things that are typically taught hands-on? How do they fare? More importantly, can something such as makeup be taught this way? So many question whether quality makeup can be taught online.

Things to Take into Consideration

There is much involved in properly learning makeup.  Proper hygiene practices, for example. This can be learned just as easily in class, or online. How about application?  Does it make a difference if it’s in a classroom environment or on the screen in front of you? Perhaps not. In fact some may argue that they can see better online, or that they benefit from being able to pause or replay.

Since everyone learns differently, the question you will have to ask yourself is: Can I benefit from learning online and am I disciplined enough to do so?

What to Expect

Before deciding what school and what means of learning is best for you, take a look at some of the things one should expect to cover in any makeup course:

  • Skin prep and perhaps light skincare as well
  • Brief Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Color Theory
  • Application
  • Technique
  • Product Knowledge
  • Color Correction
  • Highlight and Contour

It’s up to you to decide if any of these is a deal breaker.

The Problem with Calibration (color matching)

Color calibration is a big deal when it comes to consistency in online learning.  What is a warm color on one monitor may appear to be cool on another. This might be problematic in learning color theory or color matching. But there is a workaround. . Students will most likely be working from the same color palette. If this is the case, they can calibrate their monitors to the palette [Note: Room lighting will have to be taken into consideration also] . Once these variables are matched, simply attempt to adjust the color on the monitor to the colors in front of you. We don’t believe that there are any online courses currently going to this length, but it might be a feature for you to suggest.


No doubt, a large part of learning in a classroom environment is community.  Though online learning can’t replace learning side by side with another living breathing human, it can provide a sense of community. A good online institution will provide this. Perhaps they will have forums or live chats. They might even offer live video presentations. Whatever the case, the better the sense of community, the more enjoyable the experience will be.

Are you a Self Starter?

What will be key to learning online is that you are a disciplined, driven, self-starter. If you are, then you will look for opportunities to practice your craft, you will even create them.  You will network and you will build a portfolio.  Too many times, student’s graduate from institution or university with a portfolio full of work and little else. They will have followed a rigorous curriculum for so long that they had neither or time to create outside opportunities.  With online learning, you will be forced to do this.

Can a Person learn Makeup Online?

If you have read this article and understand what you should be looking for in an institution, and if you enjoy learning at your own pace (whether faster or slower than others); If you don’t mind online community and if you are a self-starter, then YES.  Yes, you can learn quality makeup online. In fact, you will probably do very well learning this way.

We’ve gone through a host of Online Makeup Schools. QC Makeup Academy is one we think you will particularly like. Check out our list of others, as well.

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