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  • Pat McGrath Make Up Artist

    Pat McGrath

    Pat McGrath is the favored Make-Up Artist of Steven Meisel but she’s worked with the best. Helmut Newton, Peter Lindberg, Paolo Roversi..As for Magazines; Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, W, etc…   Article coming soon More

  • Starter Makeup Tools and Equipment

    Makeup Kit 101: Where to Start

    Building the Makeup Kit: The makeup kit is the tool of one’s beauty vocation. It will be used to create each new work of art. What it contains is not unlike the paint and brushes of a master painter. The contents must be carefully selected. With so many things to be considered, where does one begin? Every […] More

  • Makeup Brushes

    What are All These Makeup Brushes For?

    There are so many makeup brushes that it can be daunting. So, where does one begin? The thing to remember is that there are no hard and fast rules. As a makeup artist, you are a creative person. Creative people are inventive. Learn the tools. They are designed for specific purposes. You will want to […] More

  • How to Chose an Online Makeup School

    How Can I Find the Best Online Makeup School for Me?

    Makeup Artistry For Fun or Vocation? There are those that wish to learn makeup because it’s somehow trendy. Some wish to learn so that they can be more adept on applying their own makeup or simply for the fun of it all. And then there are those that aspire to do greater things with this […] More

  • Learn Makeup For Men

    Should I Learn Makeup For Men?

    The Man, The Myth, The Makeup: Some have expressed that the only way a man will embrace makeup is that it will have to be packaged and marketed to him; and even then, it will be a long time coming. Though there are makeup products designed specifically for men, most of the products you will […] More

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    Do you have to be Certified to do Celebrity Makeup?

    Makeup Certification: Is it Necessary to Get Celebrity Clients? One of the lures of a Makeup Education is the promise of certification. Many are aware that this isn’t necessary to apply makeup on personal clients. But what about working in the industry or with celebrity clients?  The truth of the matter is simply put: No! […] More

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    Can a Person Learn Quality Makeup Online?

    Makeup Learned Remotely: There are many things that online learning is suited for. In fact, it may even be beneficial for some vocations.  But what about the things that are typically taught hands-on? How do they fare? More importantly, can something such as makeup be taught this way? So many question whether quality makeup can […] More

  • Makeup for the Groom and Party

    Should a Groom Wear Makeup at His Wedding?

    Man, Makeup and the Wedding Day Even in this day and age, most men shy away from the idea of wearing makeup. When asked “Should a man wear makeup on his wedding day?” most grooms will give a definitive “NO”.  So why not leave well enough alone?; leave the fuss and focus on the beautiful […] More

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    Why are Some Makeup Courses So Expensive?

    The Cost of Starting a New Career in Makeup When you’re starting out on a career path, there will be costs. Some are higher than others. To be fair, school, in general, is expensive. But why does it seem that this is more so the case with makeup? and why are some makeup courses so much […] More

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